About Us

At Narrable, we’re on a mission to improve healthcare for patients in their homes.

Our story

The founders of Narrable, Catherine Zhang and Mayur Pandya, met while in product and engineering leadership roles at Workday. Over a cup of coffee in Oakland, CA, they realized they shared a few things in common: both had close family in health care on the front lines, and both cared deeply about the impact of technology on patients' lives.

Together, they launched Narrable to build a future where home health teams can deliver care, unburdened. Join the team at Narrable to improve patient outcomes, empower care teams, reduce the cost of care in the US—and transform the $250B home health industry.

Our Core Values


We care about our employees and customers first. We believe if you treat your team well, they will in turn take care of your patients.


We are building to change the game in healthcare. We believe the future is about being unafraid to continuously out-innovate ourselves to solve the needs of our providers.


We are working to improve health outcomes for senior Americans in their homes and reduce the cost of care across the nation.

Catherine Zhang
CEO & Co-Founder

“We have a responsibility to build the healthcare system we envision for our parents and grandparents."

Mayur Pandya
CTO & Co-Founder

"We are on the cusp of a technology evolution that will allow us to truly rewrite the script for home health electronic systems."

What home health leaders are saying

"Narrable Health is redesigning the EHR user experience.  With focus on clinician adoption, cost effective solutions, revenue enhancement, and patient access, they are committed to bringing forward the next generation of Electronic Health Record solutions for an evolving healthcare landscape."

Kieran Shah, CHPCA

President and CEO

"Accessing patient information and entering data has never been easier. I wholeheartedly recommend Narrable to any healthcare provider seeking a reliable and efficient EMR system."

Curtis Choi, DPT

Director of Rehabilitation and Physical Therapist

"A product that I can already see is trending towards changing the marketplace and allowing agencies to achieve not only 5 star status, but true 5 star outcomes."

Marc Vasil, PT

President and Administrator

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